Short and sweet

Has it been four months since last I wrote? In Vietnam, I heard about an Irishman that named his daughter the Gaelic word meaning “the light appearing on the ocean as the moon reflects on the waves”. I don’t know what the word was, but one day I want to find out because it’s how I feel reflecting on these past four months. I’ve felt the growth and change layering on my heart every day, like the petal-thin pages of a very thick book. Read More


Being present, and homesick

It’s too much!!! All of it. To process and carry and write about. This is how my life goes – endless beautiful experiences that crush me with their gravity, so much that I can’t bring myself to… Read More

Going rogue

Resistance. I am fighting it by writing right now. You’re welcome, future Megan.

I’m sitting in the worlds most boring airport, Yangon International. It’s clean and pretty and has a duty free shop the size of Walmart but no cafes or food under $10 near departures. I only have the Myanmar kyat equivalent of $2. And so, the universe tells me it’s time to write. Read More

Going forward, backward, forward again

I’m on a bus somewhere between Surathani and Krabi in southern Thailand. Life has been full and lush the past few weeks since I got here. There have been some difficult moments, not from language barriers or bus breakdowns or hangovers, but all rooted from within myself. Decision making, self doubt, expectations, comparing myself to others. Ugly things that eat at you no matter how close to or far from home you are, but when you’re solo they are your traveling companions and all up in your face out here. Each has been a growing pain I’ve worked through – there’s really no other option. I know more will come again. Read More

Go it alone


I can’t sleep. And I really have to pee. I’m on the flight from London to Abu Dhabi and don’t want to wake my neighbors. Though I don’t think any of us has gotten much sleep on this seven hour flight. From Abu Dhabi I connect onward to Bangkok, the moment I’ve been waiting for and also crapping my pants about.

Read More

Go lightly and carry great boots


All my shit (almost).


“No pack is too light and no boots are too good.”

This is the excellent advice my friend Craig gave me when I told him I was peacing out for a bit.┬áConcise and crucial – took it to heart and pared things down to this list here. Really happy with my home on the road!

Pack: weighing in at 10kg (22lb) on departure Read More

Go big or go home

My first post from the skies! We have takeoff. I’m flying to Reykjavik Iceland, en route to London. There’s a seven month old baby across the aisle from me named Lilah. And thank goodness for her because I exploded my granola and yogurt parfait all over my self/seat/the aisle ten minutes after take off, and she made an adorably perfect scapegoat for my mess. Read More